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Sunscreens are the first line of defense for protecting skin from atmospheric aggressors, however, sunscreen filters may only protect skin from up to 55% of free radicals.*

Skinceuticals daytime antioxidants C E Ferulic® and Phloretin CF®, are demonstrated to help neutralize free radicals cause by atmospheric aggressors.

Pair anantioxidant serum and sunscreen daily for dual defense against the visible signs of Atmospheric Skin Aging.

*Haywood, R., et al, J Invest Dermatol 2006;121:862-868

atmospheric skin aging in detail

What are UVA/UVB rays?

Rays from the sun are the main contributor to atmospheric skin aging with UVA and UVB being the most damaging to skin. UVA rays account for up to 95% of solar radiation which reaches the earth1. They play a key role in skin aging by inducing free radicals that can lead to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

UVB rays vary in intensity depending on season, geographic location, and time of day. They directly damage skin by causing sunburn and are a chief contributor in the development of skin cancer.

SkinCeuticals daily sunscreens provide high broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Available in a variety of formulations and textures suitable for all skin types and concerns.

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What is infrared radiation a (IR-A)?

Infrared radiation is a portion of the solar spectrum, and accounts for 54% of the total solar energy to reach the earth. It is divided into IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C. IR-A stimulates the generation of free radicals and is a contributing factor in accelerating visible signs of skin aging.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic helps neutralize free radicals induced by infrared radiation A (IR-A), which may lead to visible signs of atmospheric skin aging.

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[photonic energy]

[wavelength in nanometers]

uv filter protection (200–390nm)


Visible light

infrared radiation

What is ozone (O3) pollution?

Ozone is a colorless gas found both in the earth’s upper atmosphere and at ground level. Depending on its location in the atmosphere, ozone can be categorized as “good” or “bad”. Ozone pollution only comes from ground level or “bad ozone” and is created when pollutants emitted by power plants, automobiles, cigarette smoke, and other sources react chemically with sunlight.

Ozone pollution oxidizes lipids and depletes skin’s natural antioxidant reservoir, triggering a progressive cascade of damage, which contributes to visible signs of aging including a decrease in vitamin E and an increase in dehydration, sebum production, and skin sensitivity*.

Ground-breaking SkinCeuticals science shows that daily use of C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF topical antioxidants neutralizes free radicals on the upper layer of the skin to help prevent the impact of ozone damage to skin.

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*Source: Evaluation of the impact of urban pollution on the quality of skin: a mulicentre study in Mexico


Visible light makes up 39% of the solar radiation that reaches the surface of the earth. It is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. This spectrum is broken down into different ranges of light that are organized in order of decreasing wavelength and increasing frequency. Visible light falls directly between the infrared and ultraviolet range. Everyday sources of this environmental aggressor include sunlight, indoor lighting, mobile devices, televisions, and computers.

SkinCueticals has quantified that visible light generates free radicals that can lead to premature aging and discoloration in skin. It penetrates much deeper into the skin than UV radiation (UVR)—reaching the deep layers of the dermis – and creates the same type of pigmentation as that produced through UVR.

SkinCeuticals daytime vitamin C serums are demonstrated to neutralize free radicals caused by atmospheric aggressors and improve visible signs of aging.

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how can i improve existing signs of atmospheric skin aging?

Daily application of a SkinCeuticals high-potency antioxidant and broad spectrum sunscreen provides consistent and critical protection against atmospheric skin aging. Incorporating a corrective solution into your daily skincare regimen helps target specific skin concerns accellerated by atmospheric aggresors, including fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin tone, and blemishes.

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