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SkinCeuticals facial masks are formulated with clinically-proven, high-concentration ingredients to target specific skin concerns. Available as gel, clay, or sheet masks, these multi-functional solutions are designed to address excess oil, pore congestion, dehydration, dullness, and skin sensitivity.

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A face masque is an essential part of any comprehensive skincare regimen.


Designed to be used as an occasional deep treatment, a face masque is a concentrated skincare product with potent ingredients that amplify the results of other skincare products used on a daily basis. For dry or stressed skin, a hydrating mask replenishes lost moisture to eliminate signs of dehydration like flaking and the uncomfortable feeling of tightness. A hydrating mask also contains ingredients that help skin retain moisture, which can have a wrinkle-plumping effect as well. For acne-prone skin types, a clay mask can help absorb the excess oil that contributes to breakouts while decongesting pores and helping to prevent future breakouts. For in-office use, SkinCeuticals also offers a face masque designed to increase skin firmness. This professional-grade product tightens and exfoliates the skin while harnessing the power of antioxidant vitamin C to prevent future damage.

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